DVD Features Include:
  • Original 4:3 aspect ratio
    Stretch it all out on your 16:9 set!

  • Region and copy-protect free
    Go ahead, watch it on your PDA!
    You buy reasonable use of the content, not just the physical media.

  • English audio in Dolby Digital
    Some new stuff is even in surround-sound!

  • Scene selections
    Jump directly to your favorite scenes!
    Skip the crappy parts!

  • "Chicken-Lips Blues" music video
    Mike and Keith, now ready for MTV!
    Magic flicker-unfixer technology preserves that "classic" Amiga feel!

  • "50 Views of the Amiga's Impact", a new short film
    Community comments on life, the Amiga, and everything.
    Dave's musical tribute to MODs, in full surround-sound.

  • "Dave's Photo Album"
    DevCon, party, and travel photos from Dave's real-life photo albums.
    C128, Amiga, and post-Commodore years.

  • Never-before seen deleted scenes
    Be a part of the cutting-room floor
    Learn precisely why there is a cutting-room floor

  • Digitally restored/enhanced from SuperVHS master tape
    A good analog print on digital, with glitches, tape rot, etc. largely repaired.
    From the original master tape, better than any VHS print made.

  • Digitally enhanced sound track
    Remastered audio with noise filtering and normalization.
    Dolby Digital center channel created from voice-band filters.